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Digital Archives

A digital archive reduces costs, saves office space. Itreduces the need for physical storage, and improves your efficiency. Convert your physical archives from printed copies into PDF files (either standard or searchable). Receive them either via email, on CD/DVD or hosted on the internet..

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Digital Archives

There are two primary reasons for capturing data for digital archives from paper documents. The first is to facilitate the fast location of your documents. The second is to eliminate the overhead of physical storage.

Digital Archiving is the process of scanning documents into an electronic format such as TIFF or PDF and then storing it in an Electronic Filing Cabinet or digital archive. This enables documents to be found quickly and easily using index information or meta data captured from the document itself.


Volume scanning services available for when you don't have the facilities in house.
Our document scanning service will take your paper documents and using industry leading hardware, and software then transform it into easily managed electronic documents. These can then be accurately indexed and at the finger tips of any one in your organisation who is authorised to view them.

The original paperwork can then be stored at a low cost off site document storage facility or be securely destroyed.


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