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Searching Digital Archives

MagnifyDigital archives from Online-archives are available in a number of formats, some of which can be searched from the opening page. When you enter your search string, all files within the portfolio would be searched, even if there are hundreds of files.
On very large archives, the search criteria can be narrowed down by going into the area of the files you are trying to find.

Where you need to find, say, a sales invoice sent out in April 2006 and all your sales invoices are in a single file or portfolio, you can go directly to that file, then start your search at that point.

pagesThe time saved by not having to physically locate the archive, which may be off site, can be critical for your business. You would not even have to leave your desk. Traditionally, when most of us are looking for a document such as a supplier invoice, we can normally remember the general appearance of their invoice which may have a distinguishing feature such as a blue band across the top. When flicking through a leaver arch file, this helps us to locate their invoices. This same feature can still be used in digital archives. With Adobe Reader 9, you are able to have a a view of 'pages' which gives a thumbnail view on the left of the screen of all the pages in the file.

Convert your physical archives from printed copies into Indexed PDF files, and have them hosted on the internet for easy access.