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Internet Access for your Digital Archives

Internet access for your digital files only requires a computer with an ADSL connection.
This offers greater productivity through being able to access you documents without leaving your desk. In fact you can access them where ever you are when you have internet access.

ScannerScan you own documents

When you have your own scanner and you prefer to do your own scanning, your files can be added to your server for processing. After processing, the new files will appear in your archives.

Off-site Backup

When you use our service, you can also have the capability of secure off-site storage for any of your documents. An upload facility can be added to your package enabling you to upload most types of document.


Where would you prefer to search for an archived document?

Physical Archives
On your computer In a store room or warehouse

When yourarchives are stored in your offices, you are able to go straight to the storage location and start to search. How long it takes depends on how well the archives are maintained. Are they in a room down the hall, or do you have to go down to the cellar or up into the loft to get to them?

Perhaps your archives are stored off site. Possibly in a warehouse out of town, but the warehouse company will deliver the required box to your desk, for a small charge!

When digitised and hosted, you don't even need to leave your desk, they are always available and there is no charge to access them.

Are you organised

Are your archives stored neatly and correctly filed & indexed, then you should not have a problem finding the document you need. Problems can arise when a file is retrieved for use then gets filed in the wrong place. Incorrectly filed documents can all to easily throw your physical system into disarray and give problems finding the document you need. When your documents are digitised and the file name correctly stored for each file, there is no way that files can be misplaced.

Get organised

Get organised by having your files converted into digital files then have them hosted for easy access by you and all other authorised users.